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Maxime Bernier

There comes a time in a person's life where they can no longer stay quiet and settle for less, instead standing up for what they believe in and taking a personal risk.

Wed, Oct 3, 2018

In late August, after a federal Conservative leadership race and rumblings of unhappiness and just ahead of the Conservative policy convention, MP Maxime Bernier announced he was leaving the Federal Cons to form his own party. Some felt it was selfish while others said it was a breath of fresh air for like minded Tories.

Bernier was a razor close second to Andrew Scheer in the Conservative leadership race, which could be interpreted as “sour grapes”, but highlights a bigger issue. The divide in the Cons Party. Just one percent separated Scheer and Bernier. Now, those on the right side of the spectrum feel Bernier’s move may split the vote and hand the next election to the Liberals.

The new party launched by Bernier is the People’s Choice Party of Canada and the man behind it, Maxime Bernier joins us.

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